Understanding the humor and message of ISNT

If you're confused about this site, either because English is not your first language or because you're an autistic person who is reading this website literally:

"The Institute for the Study of the Neurologically Typical" is not a real institute.

ISNT was created to show the arrogance and foolishness of much medical research on autism.

The articles on this website describe the neurotypical - "normal" - person as if they are diseased. This is not because the authors of this site think NTs are diseased. This is to illustrate the way that, by selecting and twisting the facts, medical researchers can portray autistics, who have a difference with positive (*) as well as negative attributes, as defective individuals and genetic mistakes.

The pompous way this website describes NTs as having a disorder is a parody, and is humorous.

* If you are only familiar with the most severe and rarest forms of autism, you may wonder how anyone could claim that autism has advantages. It does! For one, autistics have an extraordinary ability to focus on a subject, and "think" in unique ways. This gives us the potential for profound original thought (for example, Albert Einstein was almost certainly autistic). Autistic emotions are another advantage: we're much better at separating our feeling from our thinking, and can stay calm and rational in situations where neurotypical persons are paralyzed by fear or panic. The down side is that our capacities for social interaction and communication, and the ways we process sensory input, are impaired to varying degrees.

I am happy to be who I am, despite these problems. But even if I were one of the persons most severely disabled by autism, I would still be a human being, not a defect, disorder, or mistake.

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