NT Theory of Mind

Chris Slater, Neuro-Typical Specialist

   I have always wondered about the NT mind -- how it functions, what stimuli triggers the characteristic, non-autism "socializing", along with the diverse social delusion that is encountered when one NT meets another or a person with autism sees and greets them. It has been in my 18 years of studies and experience to present the ISNT with my theory of mind.

Mind you that my studies are yet from over -- there is more to be learned from these common beings. I will be diligently studying and dispersing information as I can rationally conclude from my work. (And perhaps save my sanity.)

   The basis of the theory revolve around two principles -- unlike the autism "Folk Psychology vs. Folk Physics" that the NTs so claim to be autism, the true nature of the Neuro-Typical can be described as follows:

Folk Psychology(self) vs. Folk Psychology(others)

   It has been my observation and study that Folk Physics doesn't exist in the Neuro-Typical mind, or at least without stressing social status (Example: College graduates make more money and are more appreciated by society, or at least that is how the social delusion is.), Folk Physics doesn't matter. While the Neuro-Typical is rather strong with Folk Psychology(others), the Neuro-Typical struggles with Folk Psychology(self). They obsess constantly about others, and cannot see how they could ever do without.

   The best way to see this theory be true is to look deeply into the social interaction, where aesthetics, conspiracies, and common trends are dominant in behavior and interaction. In adolescence, these three evolve and even dominate day to day life. This signifies the heavily obsessive behaviors of the Folk Psychology(others). Moreover, it also proves that this is the strength of the Neuro-Typical, and anything leaning towards Folk Psychology(self) is inappropriate (Especially showing that you are favoring yourself.), and the Folk Physics is weird. But to compensate for the lack of Folk Physics and Folk Psychology(self), the Neuro-Typical prefers to tease and humiliate the Folk Physics adept (This is true when people with autism and people with Neuro-Typicalism interact.). But the amount of teasing and humiliation that a Neuro-Typical does is dependent on the severity. The more severity in the Neuro-Typicalism that a person has, the more likely the behaviors dominate their interaction with people with autism.

   The idea of Folk Psychology(self) is present the Neuro-Typical, and is often perceived as an ideal, such as "the perfect weight" that is predominant in females and male athletes. It is a common place for children with the syndrome to fascinate like those who have Folk Psychology(self) in order to escape the reality of their true self. This, in turn, shows two things: One, where social delusion starts, and two, how much the Folk Psychology(others) dominates the Neuro-Typical. It also concludes why the Folk Psychology(self) begins to dissipate... perhaps I stumbled onto something revolutionary!

Chris Slater has been a Neuro-Typical Expert for the last two years, before the ISNT began its studies. Chris, on the other hand, was more than willing to submit this article.

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