Erik Engdahl: 
Subhomepage about truthfully, distordedly and/or falsly recovered memories of sexual, incestious, pedophilic, satanistically ritual and/or other abuse, e.g. the extremally commonly occuring everyday abuse in almost all families, i.e. "child-rearing".

  På svenska! (*) The names of these persons are "initialised" in order conform to the Swedish legislation, the "PUL"(Act on Personal Information). If you are in need of the full names, you are invited to phone or e-mail, Erik Engdahl, the author of this page. His phone numbers are given on the entry to his private web pages, see below. 
Comments and suggestions could be given to Erik Engdahl with porno-protected e-mail address  and entry to his private web pages. 
This subhomepage has the address and its latest modification was on 23 Sep. 2007.