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Erik Engdahl's subhomepage about autism spectrum conditions (or disorders)

Autism - Neurological abnormity and/or cramped state of communication shutdown?

[A] "My career as carrier of and researcher in Autism Spectrum Conditions".

[B] "Autism Spectrum Conditions - Neurological abnormity and/or cramped state of communication shutdown?", to be submitted to J. of Autism and Development Disorders. [Abstract]

[C] "Autism Spectrum Conditions as a Relational Phenomenon" [Abstract]

[D] "Description of Bilateral Cramped State of Communication Shutdown (Non-Intimacy) by Use of the Semi-Quantitative Logarithmic Multiplication Table" [Abstract]

[E] This subhomepage provisionally hosts the parody site "Institute for the Study of the Neurologically Typical", which has disappeared(?) from its original adress isnt.autistics.org and does not seem to be found elsewhere on the web other than in archives. Views expressed on these pages are not necessarily the views of host owner and vice-versa.

Link to the Swedish Nätverket Asperger/HFA(Network Asperger/High Funcioning Autism). 

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Comments and suggestions could be given to Erik Engdahl with e-mail address engdahl.erikREMOVE.THESE.FOUR.WORDS@gmail.com .

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